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Anonymous said: OMG I GOT TICKETS TO SEE THE SCRIPT! I'm sorry I'm so excited I kinda have to tell everyone. Considering that this is the ask box - have you ever seen them live, and where? Because you're in America right? xxx

YO THAT’S AWESOME!! Where are you seeing them? Hope you have  a great time! 

I’ve seen them In Denver twice, Kansas, and New Mexico. They were amazing :)

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27 7 / 2014

Anonymous said: Do you give promo if someone asks you?

Yeah, totally :)

26 7 / 2014

Anonymous said: What do you think of The Script's new song, Superheroes? And have you heard the previews of some of the others in the Google reveal? I love it :) xxx

I think it’s really amazing! One of my favorites. I have, all of them seem pretty great! :)

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jimmyneutrons-icecream-hair said: That picture u put up of danny saying he started crying when he wrote the lyrics and how it was more emotional for mark than it was for himself, what song was he talking about?

If You Could See me Now

02 3 / 2014

Anonymous said: The Script are my favourite band! I was wondering, where do you get the quotes from?

from interviews, songs, ect.

01 3 / 2014

Anonymous said: Please make more quotes! Really love all your edits and stuff <3

I will soon, I promise! I’ve just been busy with some other things lately.